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Sabah Health Department Homepage
Pharmacy and supply Department, Hospital Sipitang.


        The opening of the Pharmacy Unit Sipitang Hospital coincide with the commissioning

of the hospital. As the other unit found this Hospital , its start the operation on the 10th of

April 1995.

        The set up of the Pharmacy Unit of this Hospital differs from other Pharmacy unit

found in other Hospital in Sabah. Separate counter was built for out- patient dispensing

counter and for ward supply. Many rooms of different function and purposes was also

included in the set up of this unit such as Internal preparation room, room for liquid

preparation, corrosive substance store, raw material store, empty bottle store, I.V Drip store

and also a room specially for a Pharmacist. A comfortable rest room with settee for the staff

convenience was one of the characteristic not found in other Pharmacy unit of other Hospital

in Sabah.

        Administrative wise, this unit also took charge of the Hospital Store. One Storekeeper

and an attendant is responsible to ensure smooth operation of the Store Unit inclusively the

Inflammable Store which was situated behind the Store building.


The objective of this unit is to give an efficient, effective and qualitative

pharmaceutical services to the patient by:

  1. Ensuring that all customer are given and supplied with medication prescribed

correctly according to their needs and attended with kindness esmile.

  1. Providing relevant information to the customer regarding their medication

through detail explanation.

  1. Closely monitoring and good control of usage of drug and non-drug to

ensure that stock are available and sufficient at all times so as to minimize

inconvenience to the customer and also to prevent wastage.

  1. Maintaining update record of dangerous and psychotropic drug to prevent

misuse according to Poison Ordinance 1952.

Department Activities

  1. Ward Pharmacy ( In patient )

-supply of medication by system unit of use.

-supply of floor stock system.

         -supply of disinfectant, lotion and intravenous fluid.
         -supply of dangerous drug.

         -supply of emergency trolley drug.

         -inspection and control drugs.

  1. Out-Patient Pharmacy ( Counter Service )

-Out-patient department counter service for general cases attending at

Health Clinic, Sipitang .

-Hospital Counter service for patient attending the Accident and

Emergency Unit and review cases.

-Bedside dispensing :- Dispensing for discharged patient in the ward.

3. Substore Pharmacy

-Stock monitoring.

-Indenting drugs from Integrated Store.

-Supply to Out-Patient Department pharmacy.

4. Production Section
    -Prepackaging of medication like tablet, mixture and syrup.
    -Preparation of extemporaneous items.
    -Dilution of lotion and disinfectant.

5. Integrated Store
    -Purchasing of drugs and non drug.

-Indenting of drug and non drug from Central Medical Store and Remedi

Pharmaceutical (M) Sdn. Bhd.

-Supply of drug and non drug to all unit and the hospital and three Health

Clinic namely K.K Meligan, K.K Sindumin and M.C.H. Clinic Sipitang.

Post and Vacancies in the Pharmacy Department, Hospital Sipitang.

Post No. of Post Available No. of Post Filled No. of Vacancies
Pharmacist U3 2 0
Senior Pharmacy Assistant U7 1 1 -
Pharmacy Assistant 5 5
Storekeeper 1 1
Attendant 2 2
Quality Output For Pharmacy And Supplies, Hospital Sipitang

        1995 1996 1997 1998
1. No. of Prescription received 34,217 37,335 40,922 44,009

2. No. of Drug Profile and Indent. 2,698 3,382 3,194 2,931
3.No. of Ward Functioning with unit 2 2 2 2
of use.                

4.Quantity for galenical preparation 1958.75L 3464.68L 2184.25L 2604.70L
including internal, external
disinfectant and lotion.
5. No. of item receive.   1594 720 697 895

6. No. of item supplied. 3,036 2,911 2,967 4,049


Ward supply Out-Patient  Production    Sub-store 
  Pharmacy   Section   Pharmacy