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On top of the spinning world,
aka the 3rd rock from the sun,
can be found a creature by the name of

David Matanjun


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9.gif Professional Information


About my job...

kinpadi.jpgI work as a Pharmacist afmortar.gif
in Sabah.
It's a great place to work at.
Among other things,
we have the
highest mountain
in Southest Asia.

Mt. Kinabalu, 13,455 ft.

Here's what I do:

Do the job of a pharmacist.
( :- ).

Actualy, my basic training was in general pharmacy wheras my specialist training was in clinical pharmacy. In the main, I have worked as a pharmacy administrator for the best part of the last quarter of the last century of this 2nd millenium and I hope to also eventually specialize in administration.

9.gif Personal information:

I have friends, in high places.
Well they work on the 3rd Floor while I work on the 1st.

9.gif Personal Homepages:

Here are some websites that I am involved in...

Apothecary Homepage

Pharmaceutical Services in Sabah

Matanjun Homepage

Here are some homepages of my friends and relatives...


anibull.gifapple.gif Joan's Homepage.

For a fine homepage on education, distance learning, gastronomy,
etc. a vist to the homepage of my bestest friend is highly recommended:

anibull.gif Patrick Daniel Homepage.

And this is the homepage of the brother of my bestest friend.... and he is football fan and strong supporter of the State team.

anibull.gif Celine's World
Matanjun Homepage
anibull.gif Arthur Matanjun
David Sports Page
anibull.gif Greg Matanjun
anibull.gif Sara's Home Page
Trevor's Homepage.
anibull.gif Wesley Matanjun


Joan's Homepage..

My house is a small brick house dating from the ninteen twenties. It consists of six rooms: A Front room and a Back room, a Light room and a Dark room, and of course a Kitchen and a Bathroom. Surrounding the house is a lush (for Phoenix!) and wild garden. The links below will take you on a little tour:

The Front roomThe Dark room A walk in the back yard...

Visitors should let me know if you have good things to say about these pages, or anything at all that is interesting. There are many ways to get a hold of me available on the link below:

Contact me here... or email me: david@royal.net

This computer,

is a PCU, arguably the best Taiwanese PC around. Well the company, that produces PCU, is the second (to Acer) largest computer firm in the island of Formosa.

I paid quite a bundle for it in 1993 when it was just a 486DX2 but just about the most powerful pc available in Kaykay at that time. Since then it has been upgraded twice, the last time about 2 years ago when my brother, the computer whiz, upgraded it to a Pentium 200MHz. To date I am resisting the temptation to do anymore "upgrading"...the perennial bother!!

Apple's Mac OS 8.6 This is the latest version of Apple's System software.
Starnine's Webstar 2.1 A stable commercial web server. I bought it early, and upgraded it through this version, which seems robust enough to keep up with traffic.
Userland's Frontier 6.0 This special software provides dynamic content, interactivity and a database for all these pages.
Paperjet's WebCam Too! 1.2 The live QuickCam (above) is served with this software running on a MacLC computer.
Barebones' BBEdit 4.5 This versatile editor is indispensable to the site.
Macromedia's Dreamweaver 2 Much of the site has been designed using Dreamweaver.
I use some other stuff too...
As may be obvious to people like you and me,
this particular page, just about, ends here;
so you may like to consider going


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David sans Goliath.